The team at Raven Black needed interfaces and unique user experience for large amounts of data for departments within the U.S. military.

This interface I created was designed for users to toggle through layers of radar and flight patterns while scrubbing backwards through real-time to target potential anomalies. This also needed to be easily marked-up and time-stamped to send to throughout the department. My team and I conducted extensive research of currently used software to integrate multiple platforms into one, all-inclusive, web-based product.

This product allowed to the user to access a remote view of a specific operation. It harnessed the use satellite images, GPS, radio communication, and live video feeds to view operations from anywhere. The intention for this product was to be used for mission playback to examine certain events that unfolded during the mission. The user needed the ability for high-speed playback, toggling entities in range, and annotating events on the timeline.

This product is essentially one giant filter tool. The need came from users sifting through exabytes of data and how to properly display the results for multiple types of data sets. The user would navigate to a specific server and begin sifting through to pull necessary data while maintaining the most legible visualization for the desired filtered result.

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